Finland at a glance

Plan your trip to Finland with the help of our Finland travel guide. Get a sense of the country in Helsinki, visit the island fortress of Suomenlinna, a UNESCO World Heritage site, scour the vintage shops of the Kallio district, tour the Art Nouveau buildings (of the 600 buildings from the era, definitely pay a visit to the Katajanokka district). Discover the southern archipelago, its wooden towns, lighthouses, picturesque churches and manor houses. Not forgetting its beaches if it is a summer trip. Tour the Finnish lakeland, home to over 1,000 pristine water lakes, dotted with islands and fringed by deep forests. Encounter the imposing elk, the comic ringed seal and the elegant osprey. And in winter pay a visit to Lapland, north of the polar circle, where the night lasts three months:
introduce Santa Claus to the children, hunt for the northern lights and go dog sledding. Don't forget to factor some time into the schedule for some R&R: purify body and mind in a sauna, party in Helsinki, go for long hikes in the forest and watch the sunset on a lake.
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