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Walking safari guides

Walking safari guides

Guide and comforter. Zambia is the birthplace of the walking safari, the ultimate way to experience Africa's wonderful wildlife.


Why a walking safari?

Walking guides are more often than not the most knowledgeable of all as they are trained to read the reactions of animals, and to interpret every situation. Robin Pope, the man who essentially pioneered Zambian walking safaris, explains the special allure - 'Every sound, every movement - the flap of a bird's wing, a tail swishing through the tall grass - acquires significance.' 'It's like reading an engrossing book compared to watching a film' adds one of his top guides, on the difference between walking and 4x4 safaris.


Guide and comforter

Bad morning people should note that walking safaris typically involve an early start, as the wildlife is most active in the mornings. The day is then spent on the move, in a group of no more than eight, watching and learning all the time. Come early evening, you'll be greeted with a refreshing drink and a delicious meal when you arrive at your camp. After a delicious bush supper, spend time by the cosy campfire with your guide regaling amusing stories to keep your mind off the sounds of howling hyenas in the distance. That's proper multi-tasking.


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