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The Auree Jewellery Top Five Destinations and What to Take

The Auree Jewellery Top Five Destinations and What to Take

Amelia, Founder of Auree Jewellery reveals her top five destinations and what jewellery to pack.

Auree Jewellery is not for hiding away in a safe but to wear, enjoy and love. It is for taking on that Eurostar mini-break or to a tropical beach far away. Here are five of our favourites...


Mauritius | One and Only Le Saint Geran

Close your eyes and imagine being on a white sandy beach. The sound of palm trees swishing in the warm breeze, a rum cocktail in one hand and turquoise water as far as the eye can see. If you like the sound of this, this is going to be right up your strada. This beautiful island in the Indian Ocean is surprisingly green and has spectacular lagoons and rainforests that are filled with exotic wildlife and (of course) white sandy beaches to die for. Re-opened this year with a whole new level of luxury, Le Saint Géran has had the last word in luxury since it opened over 40 years ago. Set around its own private lagoon, it is perfectly catered for families of all ages, with plenty of space to relax, and activities to entertain. If you can tear yourself away from the resort, the local area is really worth exploring. Or, if you are feeling really adventurous, you can take a hike up the waterfalls and gorges of the nearby nature reserves - the views are breathtaking.


What jewellery to pack...

Panarea Amazonite & Gold Vermeil Earrings


New York | The Greenwich Hotel

There is a saying that you should always be yourself, unless you can be Carrie Bradshaw. In which case be Carrie Bradshaw. Because there is nowhere as sexy as New York. Fast, furious, old, bold and always in the spotlight, New York is a place of parties, egos, seen to be seen's and big time rollers. But it's damn good. Home of the best brunches, lunches, art houses and party people. The perfect long weekend for a winter month. Interviewed a while ago, Robert De Niro was quoted as saying some people think ""New York's a great place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. I say that about other places"". And to stake his claim he built this tribeca hotel which sits somewhere between 'Old Country Club' and 'Downtown Design Den'. Bobby delivers charm close to the party parts. 88 rooms, a very good Italian restaurant and all designed by a Japanese Architect. We love it.


What jewellery to pack...

Manhattan Gold Hoop and Interchangeable Lapis Gemstone Drop Earrings

Brooklyn Blue Topaz and Gold Vermeil Necklace


Bali | Amanusa

If you're planning on getting shipwrecked any time soon, we suggest you paddle for Bali. In a nutshell, it's your ultimate tropical paradise island. If you still need convincing then we're pretty sure the soft sandy beaches, warm turquoise seas, lush rice-paddies, imposing volcanic mountains and majestic temples will do the trick. Bali is also home to trendy eateries, boutique shopping and truly luxurious hotels. It's known as the island of the gods, but we hear that they will let you in as long as you're wearing Auree. Our favourite place to stay has to be Amanusa. 37 thatched cottages within the most beautiful tropical gardens. A spot of complete tranquility that will restore anyone who visits. Sadly they have excellent Wi-Fi so you can't quite escape entirely from reality.


What jewellery to pack...

Bali 9ct Gold and Turquoise Bracelet

Bali 9ct Gold and Amethyst Necklace


Paris | Le Bristol

Victor Hugo once said that ""To err is human. To loaf is Parisian."" We are all in favour of a loaf - whether it has caviar on it or all the rich treats that this city offers. While we love writing books, we have other things to do and you probably do too - so save yourself some time and book you into our favourite hotel in Paris; Le Bristol. Le Bristol is old school swanky pants, in the smartest location. When it comes to lining your stomach, Original Travel's local French Concierge can give the BEST recommendations on where to dine (and they'll do all of the booking for you). And while the view is a treat, don't pay for breakfast but hit the cafés of Paris instead.


What jewellery to pack...

Montmartre Almond & Powder Blue Watch with Rose Gold Case

Montmartre Navy & Hot Pink Watch with Silver Case


Cote d'Azur | Chateau de la Chevre d'Or

Is there anywhere more wonderfully glitzy than The Côte d'Azur? We don't think so. This is the place to head (well, strut) this summer but don't just make a bee-line for Cannes, St Tropez and Nice. The French Riviera is also home to some captivating smaller towns and villages. The early summer promises long sunny days and balmy evenings so nip over there before the hordes arrive, the roads jam up and it's too hot to leave the poolside. Chateau de la Chevre d'Or is the most beautiful hotel with a FAB restaurant too. There is admittedly no shortage of Michelin stars in this part of the world but this is our favourite haunt. Surely with the most idyllic location and just by the town of Eze, a charming hilltop gem with cobbled streets, narrow passages and hot pink bougainvillea.


What jewellery to pack...

Cannes Blue Topaz, White Topaz and Gold Vermeil Necklace

Cannes Crystal, Blue Topaz and Gold Vermeil Bracelet