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Do You Suffer From FOMO?

Do You Suffer From FOMO?

FOMO. Otherwise known as fear of missing out - a modern-day interpretation of keeping up with the Joneses, if you will. Yep, this is is how trends start, be that donning the latest fashion item, brunching at the newest hotspot or exploring the destination of the moment. And when it comes to preventing holiday FOMO, we've got you covered. We're here to give you the inside track on the best 'it' destinations at the moment, and a couple that will make you a real trend-setter...



It's fair to say that Portugal suffers from something of an image problem but, for the discerning luxury traveller, Portugal has it all. A cosmopolitan capital in Lisbon, wonderful wine country in the Alentejo and Douro Valley and off-the-beaten-track beach gems such as Comporta - all within a three hour flight of the UK. Marvellous.



Whether you're tracking tigers in Ranthambore National Park, sipping a cup of chai on an old colonial estate or witnessing a local ritual ceremony in the temples of Tamil Nadu, India is one of the most evocative and memorable destinations on the planet - a heady concoction of colour, tradition and culture.



Kenya: the original safari destination. There's no denying that Kenya has had its problems over the last couple of years but we're pleased to report it's making an epic comeback and is positively flying off the proverbial shelves. And little wonder given its spectacular safari options - wildebeest migration, anyone?



Want to see the world? Head to Chile and you'll see an entire planet's worth of scenery in one country. Snowy peaks in the Andes, desolate beauty in the Atacama Desert and looming mountains, lush rainforest and vast glaciers in Chilean Patagonia. And it's not just what you see but how you see it, with everything from skiing to horse riding, helicopter tours to mountain biking on offer.


West Coast, Sweden

West Sweden is having something of a moment. This relatively under-explored corner of Scandinavia is a wonderful juxtaposition of rough and smooth; its rugged coastline dotted with rocky bays giving way to the slick and trendy city of Gothenburg, complete with Baroque architecture and a decent smattering of hipsters. Anyone looking to enjoy the great outdoors in sophisticated style should look no further.



Emigration applications to Canada are reported to have sky-rocketed in the wake of Trump-mania and a certain referendum and, while we don't necessarily recommend going full Samuel de Champlain, Canada's big skies, rugged scenery, magnificent wildlife and cosmopolitan cities make it a quite wondrous holiday destination.