A Family Safari in Kenya

A Family Safari in Kenya

Planning on booking a luxury safari holiday that's family friendly? I embarked on wonderful luxury family safari holiday in Kenya with my toddler daughter and husband, and I wouldn't hesitate to go back again. I had a wonderful fortnight in Mara with my family (who live out there) for my niece's christening, taking advantage of the three days leave for 10 days holiday - thank you again Will & Kate!


A family treat in Rekero

Looking green and lush and the game was as prolific as ever, I went to have a look at the private houses that are part of Rekero Masai Mara, a small tended camp. They are absolutely fantastic for families, offering a private, intimate experience ideal for an exclusive escape, fantastic food and access to swimming pools shared between two houses. Don't worry, the managers there make sure both families get an equal share of time at the pool - unless you want to share of course. You also have access to your own private guide and safari vehicle, so you can head out on game drives whenever you want.


Samatian Island on Lake Baringo

I also stayed at Samatian Island, situated on Lake Baringo. Lake Baringo is one of the most stunning lakes in Africa and has the highest concentration of bird species - a tweeters paradise! The lake looks like milky tea and is home to crocodiles, hippos and catfish!

That said, in certain parts of the lake, it's a great place to waterski, wakeboard and tube. I learnt to water ski in this lake many years ago, and I learnt quickly - probably because I knew what was in the water underneath me!


Beautiful lodge

The lodge itself is beautiful with one of the most amazing infinity pools I have ever seen - the ultimate place to stay if you're after a luxury holiday. Every room has fabulous views over the lake and outside baths and showers. We spent most of our time hanging out on the huge rubber ring pontoon slightly off shore from the lodge, our base for waterskiing - but there are lots of other activities you can do here, too.


Finding the African fish eagle

I took my two year old out on a boat trip to find the African fish eagle, surely the most majestic bird in Africa. Our boat driver and guide prepared fish on a skewer, which he proceeded to throw in to the air, whistling a distinctive tune to get the attention of the Fish Eagle, which responded on cue by swooping down and taking the fish right in front of the boat. I had one very happy daughter.


Kenya, a wonderful family trip

All in all, a wonderful family trip, I wouldn't hesitate to go back again if I had the opportunity.