Winery Tours in Mendoza

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If you’re in Mendoza, the chances are it’s because you’ve enjoyed Argentinian wine and are keen to get to the source!

In and around the city are plentiful vineyards and wineries open to visitors, all with the added benefit of an extremely scenic Andean backdrop.

Argentina is among the top wine producing countries in the world, together with France, Italy, Spain and the United States. It has eight grape growing regions spreading from north to south, with different latitudes, altitudes and soils, which produce some of the most prestigious Malbec and Torrontes to be found in the international market. The majority of the country's output comes from the Mendoza region.

Famous names such as Tapiz, Argento and Norton are all to be found here, while lesser-known houses such as Salentein have their own private accommodation along with the vineyard.

Whether you're staying at one of the vineyards or are making a day trip from Mendoza city, you're likely to visit the main wine centres of Maipu and Lujan. Tours are conducted with expert bi-lingual guides, and will show you everything from the grapes through the winery's processes to the bottling and labelling plant, if you so wish. Tasting is of course a crucial part of the whole experience; according to which, you may wish to buy some souvenirs of your time here…

Places to Stay in Mendoza

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