Fly Fishing in Northern Patagonia

Still a fully working farm, Tipiliuke Lodge is part of the 20,000 hectare Cerro de los Pinos country estate founded in 1909 by the grandfather of the current owners.

Fly-fishing rainbow and brown trout is one of the main activities for guests during spring, summer and autumn time (November to May).

The property stretches nine miles along the Chimehuín river and just over four miles along the Quilquihue river. The Chimehuín is the larger of the two and has side channels harbouring superb fishing opportunities; it is known as a trophy river for its superb catches. In addition, the lodge has built its own spring creek, the first in the province.

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Tipiliuke Lodge
Located at the foot of the Andes in the Patagonian Lake District, Tipiliuke Lodge is part of the vast Cerro de los Pinos country estate founded...

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