Have you ever dreamt of feeling like a bird for a day? In Whistler you can, as it’s home to some of Canada’s longest, highest and most exciting Ziplines.

Fly through Canada's backcountry on heights of about 600ft, stretching over a kilometre and get an adrenaline rush with speeds of up to 100km/h. Enjoy stunning views of the majestic old- growth forest old and experience the thrill of flying with high quality safety equipment and expert supervision.

Soar across spectacular mountain valleys and gaze at its various ecology and wildlife. The best bit about this high-wire adventure is that no experience is required and it is available all year-round for a unique experience each season.

Make it your choice of exploring Whistlers backcountry in winter, enjoying stunning view across the snow covert forest- or in spring, gliding through the green trees, crossing spectacular creeks while floating through mountains.

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Ollie is our 'Ziplining in Whistler' expert and as a seasoned traveller has the inside track on the most memorable adventures.