The food in Canada is as diverse as the country itself. In Canada they cannot claim one culinary culture, because every region has its own traditional dishes using the best of the products of their land for a personal touch.

Generally in British Canada the food is similar to the American cuisine while in Quebec their dishes are based on French influences, but this differs from region to region. No matter where you are planning to visit, you will experience a gourmet delight throughout.

Canada is known for its native, locally produced food. The most representative of the local products is the rutabaga cheese, which is used in soups and stews with meat. But also different kinds of pumpkins, beans, corn and rice, as well as bison and deer flesh are well known local products in Canada.

The coastal region of Canada has excellent seafood, especially British Columbia, including shrimp, crab, cod, haddock, salmon, oysters and other shellfish. These are cooked in many different ways, such as baked, fried, barbecued and smoked.

In Fraser Valley you will find nut farms, producing hazelnuts. Also British Columbia is home to fruits, such as peaches, plums, strawberries, apricots, blueberries and other berries, grown in large quantities. The Okanagam Valley, one of Canada's best wine producing regions is great for delicious red, white, sparkling, as well as ice-wines. Whilst you are in this region it is worth checking out the British tradition of afternoon tea, tasting scones, sandwiches and cakes with a delicious cup of tea.

Southern Vancouver Island produces fresh fruits, vegetables and plants like no other region in Canada. The fresh ingredients combined with local fish and meat and the inspiration of French and Italian cooking methods, as well as the flavour of Asian cooking create the memorable taste of the regions dishes. Take a culinary tour through bustling Oak Bay Avenue, tasting the local new trends for a fantastic gourmet tasting adventure. Enjoy a vanilla and fresh strawberry 'Canada Cone' while taking a stroll through Victoria.

Quebec is known for its modern and innovative farm-to- table cuisine, and home to the best lumberjack breakfast and famous meat pies, otherwise known as tourtieres. Some of the Canada's best restaurants are situated in Quebec, so be sure to get glammed up here and sample what they have to offer. A guided walking tour through old Quebec gives a great insight of the gourmet delights of this region. Explore local specialties from wine shops, restaurants, bakeries, chocolate factories and grocers as you taste delicious pastries, crepes and other authentic Quebec products.

Montreal is popular for its large cosmopolitan city houses but even more for its diverse cultures and amazing food. The onion soup and the crème caramel are typical dishes in the Quebec region. The Restaurant Le Montréalais offers and outstanding menus, featuring sunny Mediterranean dishes, fresh fish, grilled meats and luscious desserts. The Queen Elizabeth is the best spot to try the old traditional afternoon tea.

Vancouver is a great spot for guided culinary tours, eating your way through the city streets, stopping by local eateries and skipping the tourist traps. Many culinary tours are offered, from the cities growing street food scene to fascinating Granville Island Market and Gastown's hippest restaurants and pubs. The historic Gastown district is Canada's cocktail capital and hides Vancouver's most vibrant restaurant scene. Taste local craft beer and time-honoured canapés at the Crafts cocktail bar and snack on local farm charcuterie and cheeses alongside a British Colombia wine.

Alternatively you can enjoy a gourmet kayaking weekend in the summer months, where you paddle to stunning gulf islands and sample fine food and wine whilst watching river otters and harbour seals. Or there are Guest chef market dinners, where you can sample a multi-course seasonal meal, expertly prepared in front of you by top chefs. And if that's not enough and you have the stomach for a whiskey dinner, then enjoying an evening of a variety of single malt whiskey and fine cuisine to match, will be right up your street. Speaking of streets, or whole regions to be precise, no gourmet trip in Canada would be the same without taking a wander in America's largest China town.

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Be sure to try Canada's signature French Canadian dish 'Poutine'; chips, curd cheese and brown sauce. Whilst it doesn't look like much - it certainly is tasty!

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