While nothing beats a traditional passagiatta or wandering around the streets at sunset marvelling at the sites of Capri or Anacapri, a boat trip gives a sense of the dramatic nature of the island and allows visits to parts of the island not accessible by land. Plus you'll feel impossibly glamorous while doing it.

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As you skirt the dramatic coastline, rocks jutting boldly from the gloriously blue water, you see Capri from a completely different perspective. And what a photogenic perspective it is. Explore shimmering caves and hidden coves, including the Blue Grotto, as well as the Faraglioni rocks and dozens of other bays, inlets and promontories. A boat trip also offers the chance to explore the island away from the crowds. And while you'll doubtless spend most of your boat trip around Capri scraping your jaw off the floor at all the spectacular scenery, it also offers the opportunity for fishing, swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing.

For the ultimate in romance, take an evening trip on a high-powered speed boat across to the Italian Riviera and one of the excellent shorefront seafood restaurants. Or sail through the gigantic natural archway of the Faraglioni rocks near the ancient Roman harbour. The middle of the day tends to be the busiest for boat tripping around Capri so to avoid the crowds, go either early in the morning or later in the afternoon.


Where to stay

JK Place Capri, luxury hotel in Italy

JK Place Capri

JK Place Capri is an attractive white villa dating from the late 19th century and a hotel since 1885, opened in its latest incarnation in 2007.

Capri Palace hotel, luxury hotel in Italy

Capri Palace

Situated at 900ft above sea level, the hotel has superb views over the Gulf of Naples and the nearby islands of Ischia and Procida.

Caesar Augustus hotel at night, luxury hotel in Italy

Caesar Augustus

If you appreciate a good view and don’t suffer from vertigo, the family-run Caesar Augustus on Capri might be the place for you.

Mezzatorre Resort & Spa, luxury hotel in Italy

Mezzatorre Resort & Spa

The hotel is located in Forio d'Ischia, on the north-western side of the island of Ischia, in the Bay of Naples.

Blue Deer

Blue Deer

Giorgia and Stefano Barbini, the deeply stylish owners of the equally stylish San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge in the Dolomites, have an eye for detail that even we are in awe of. They are purists, perfectionists and now, with the launch of Blue Deer (to the Mountain Lodge’s White Deer), a beautiful 74ft catamaran, they are also visionaries.

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