‘After a first faraway glimpse, the two famous steeples grew taller and taller as the miles that separated us fell away. At last they commanded the cloudy plain as the spires of a cathedral should, vanishing when the outskirts of the city interposed themselves, and then, as I gazed at the crowding saints of the three Gothic doorways, sailing up into the evening again at close range.’ So wrote the sadly departed travel writer Patrick Leigh Fermor in his famous book A Time of Gifts, about his walk from the Hook of Holland to Istanbul in the 1930s. Here he describes approaching the cathedral city of Cologne on foot and in doing so encapsulates all the beauty of walking - the slowly changing perspective, the anticipation of arrival, the heightened sense of what’s going on around you. Walking is the way to really see a place.

Fortunately, you've wandered into the right place because Original Travel arranges trips in some of the most beautiful places on the planet for trekking. From the generally acknowledged finest walking safaris of Zambia's South Luangwa region to treks in the Indian region of Ladakh, a beautiful glimpse of how greater Tibet once was. On a smaller scale, we recommend walking routes for many our city destinations so you make the most of your time or steer strictly away from the tourist traps.

Original Thinking

Walking, Lake District
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In an age of instant gratification it’s easy to forget the simple pleasures, such as getting from A to B in traditional bipedal fashion, taking in surroundings that aren’t rushing by so quickly as to be unappreciated.


Where to go



Great for walking and hiking and catching some late autumn or early spring sunshine within easy reach of the UK.

Zebras in South Luangwa National Park

The South Luangwa

Zambia's Luangwa Valley marks the southern end of the Great Rift Valley and is one of Africa’s great unspoilt wildernesses.

Sunset at Corsica


Take two of our favourite countries – France and Italy – blend their cultures (and particularly cuisines), plonk the resulting Franco-Italian population onto a staggeringly beautiful island in the Mediterranean and hey presto, you have Corsica.

Prayer Flags in Bhutan


A fascinating Himalayan kingdom offering unique cultural insight, superb trekking and landscapes, and welcoming people.

What to do

Dolomites Via Ferrata, Walking Safari

Via Ferrata, Dolomites: Walking Holidays in Italy

Not recommended for anyone with vertigo, the Via Ferrata in the Dolomites, consisting of iron wrung ladders, footpaths and rope bridges, are an exhilarating series of routes that allow non-mountaineers to experience the higher peaks and most dramatic scenery of this most beautiful of mountain ranges.

Botswana Walking Safari

Botswana Walking Safari

For those with even the slightest active inclination, walking safaris are one of the best ways to see the great wildlife of Botswana. Get up close and personal with the animals, never missing a sight. Original Travel know the best of the best guides who make the experience all the more wonderful.

Elephant treks

Elephant treks

Learn the skills of a mahout before going elephant trekking through the beautiful terrain of jungles, rivers and mountains.

Walking Safari, Laikipia

Laikipia Walking Safaris

Laikipia is rugged, undulating, rocky, beautiful, wild and remote. The climate is perfect, high altitude makes it cool at night and warm during the day. Basically perfect walking country. Then there is the game. Elephant, giraffe, lion, African wild dog, leopard, cheetah, hyena, buffalo, zebra, warthog, hippo and all the quirky different antelope species. This is simply one of the best places in Africa to go on a walking safari.

Walking the Levadas

Walking the Levadas

Madeira is a renowned destination for walking or hiking.

Walking Safaris in the South Luangwa

Walking Safaris in the South Luangwa

Think walking safari, think Zambia, or more specifically South Luangwa - still undoubtedly the best place to go for the most authentic and memorable experience.

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