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Do you have some feral children who could benefit from being released back into the wild? If so, this is the holiday for you. Discovering jaw-dropping (and jaw munching) wildlife while on safari is one of life's great experiences and makes for a fabulous holiday for the whole tribe.

Regardless of how many Jellycat giraffe teddies the children own, or how many times they've seen The Lion King, nothing even comes close to seeing African wildlife in its natural habitat for the first time (or even the fifth time, in our opinion).

Families with younger children will love the malaria-free areas of South Africa, which is also incredibly convenient given the lack of time difference and very reasonable flight time. We know all the best camps and guides to ensure your family safari holiday is as educational as it is fun. If you are planning a family safari with young children then much-loved children's party people Sharky & George, who we've joined forces with, will provide your little monsters with a carefully selected kit to help them discover the magic around them, including a spotters guide, mini microscope and star chart. Plus, let's be honest, you'll have a whale of a time playing with the kit as well!

For teenagers, a safari is the ultimate holiday, with so much diversity in terms of what they can see and do, from incredible wildlife to stunning landscapes and adrenaline-filled activities (quad biking anyone?). If there's a better way to draw teenagers away from screens and social media than taking them on safari, we'd love to hear it.

If the plains of Africa don't appeal, there are plenty of other options to take your kids for some wildlife spotting. You could see orang-utans, pygmy elephants and the strange looking proboscis monkey in Borneo, discover the incredible biodiversity of Costa Rica or check out the giant tortoises and tropical penguins in the Galapagos Islands. Wherever you choose to go, we can arrange private guides to give you all the low-down on what you see.

What's not to love about a family holiday that everyone from five-year olds to grumpy teenagers will enjoy?

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Isabel is our 'Family Safari' expert and as a seasoned traveller has the inside track on the most memorable adventures.

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