Mankind has always embraced the concept of island hopping, from the Pacific crossing Polynesian wayfarers who eventually reached Hawaii to the Viking adventurers who hopped from Orkneys to Shetlands to Fair Isles, Iceland and then Greenland before discovering North America proper a good 500 years before Columbus was even born.

For latter day island hoppers, the reasons are not a relentless search for new territory or the odd bit of pillaging, but a pleasurable realisation that the journey can be the reward, and that islands that at first glance seem relatively homogenous all offer subtly different pleasures.

With this in mind, welcome to our luxury island hopping Collection to read about some of the world's finest island idylls, and the canniest ways to combine them.


Island Hopping in Greece

Island Hopping in Greece

An eight day hop, skip and jump from one lovely Aegean island to another.

Island Hopping in Hawaii

Island Hopping in Hawaii

Two weeks island hopping in Hawaii. Hawaii conjures up images of idyllic beaches, and world class surf. Whilst it offers both of those in spades, that is merely scratching the surface, and this island hopping itinerary intends to uncover the many geological faces of Hawaii, whilst staying in the islands’ top hotels.

Pier in the Komodo Islands

Island Hopping in Indonesia

Spend 19 days exploring the huge variety of the Indonesian archipelago on an island hopping odyssey. From the ancient UNESCO protected temple sites of central Java, to the vibrant reefs and unique wildlife of the Komodo Islands, via beautiful Bali. Conclude the trip with some island hopping R&R on Lombok and the Gili Islands.

Island Hopping the Quirimbas

Island Hopping the Quirimbas

An idyllic honeymoon living out the Robinson Crusoe dream, hopping island to island around the stunning Quirimbas archipelago in Northern Mozambique.

Island Hopping in Croatia

Island Hopping in Croatia

Croatia has been luring everyone from hipsters to honeymooners to its shores - and its no surprise given the idyllic islands, crystal clear waters and fascinating historical and architectural sites (not to mention being home to THE Kings Landing from Game of Thrones). Embark on an island hopping adventure and experience the very best of this beautiful country.

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