If a ‘bush and beach’ combo is your idea of a dream honeymoon, Botswana can fulfil the first part of the bargain better than pretty much any destination.

A hugely popular honeymoon haunt for Original Travel over the last few years, the camps of the Okavango Delta are some of the most romantic in Africa. Botswana is home to some of Africa's finest - and most wildly expensive - lodges, so be prepared to dip deep into your pocket for many of them. We also know, however, the hidden gems which enjoy a similar location but with a few fewer noughts on the price tag.

Finally, there's something particularly romantic about seeing big game from a mokoro canoe, guided silently through the channels of the delta by an expert guide. After a few days in the bush, the beaches of Mozambique and Mauritius are easily accessible via Johannesburg in neighbouring South Africa. For a less conventional 'beach' combo, consider a few days in the heart of the stunning and suitably sandy Kalahari Desert at Jack's Camp.

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A Botswana honeymoon couple of ours last year had a leopard chilling out on the roof of their glamorous lodge bedroom for the night.

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Botswana is a perfect destination for those in search of a real African adventure.

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