Typhoon season teeters off towards the end of September, meaning Japan October holidays promise a far more comfortable climate, while still being lovely and warm. Autumn is also a season of deep-rooted culture and traditions that are cause for celebration, from the harvest festivities to the more recent adoption of Halloween. There is much to be appreciated at this time of year. There are the bountiful October crops that supply countless Japanese delicacies (we’re talking pears, persimmon fruit and, of course, sake), the national parks such as Towada-Hachimantai National Park and Oze National Park
that are ripe for exploring or the spooktacular costume parties scattered throughout the country's biggest cities. Whichever it is, you can be certain that Japan October holidays will offer something for all.

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Our feedback in the initial phone call was clearly taken on board by Frances to create a great itinerary for us. All of the hotels were clean, comfortable and with wonderful staff. We really loved our three nights in Tenyu and wished we could have stayed longer. Thank you so much for recommending Hakone, it was just the downtime we needed. We really enjoyed our time there. Audrey and the rest of the in-country concierge team were very helpful getting into restaurants etc.
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