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By Claire
On: 11th December, 2019

Our Top 2020 Sabbatical Destinations

There's a big old world out there (we would know) and if you've decided to take the plunge and go on a sabbatical, deciding on where you want to visit with your precious (and well deserved) time off can be daunting. Our advice: decide what you want to achieve and let that drive the…


By Emily
On: 9th December, 2019

Late Summer Sun on the Turkish Coast

  • Turkey

It's safe to say that the 'wellness' trend has slightly taken over the world of late, and while we're certainly not opposed to a detox-style holiday, we're also partial to a slightly more indulgent one. In the spirit of inclusion, we say why not do both with a 'detox-retox' holiday? After a…

Ice Cave
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By Guest blogger
On: 2nd December, 2019

Seriously Scandi: Our Favourite Scandinavian Winter Activities

  • Swedish Lapland
  • Norway
  • Lofoten Islands
  • Iceland
  • Svalbard

Cold, crisp, chilly; the winter wonderland that is the Scandinavian region offers oodles of festive fun and plenty of opportunities to warm up afterwards with a hot chocolate in one hand and Swedish meatballs in the other. The people here are known as the happiest in the world and while…

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By Claire
On: 29th November, 2019

Oh-Man! Why You Should Spend Christmas in Oman

  • Oman

Dashing through the sand, on a one-humped camel train, through the wadis you go, laughing all the way… about the fact you've managed to escape the Great British Christmas rush. If you'd rather swap Brussels sprouts for beach scenes, Oman fits the 'Chirstmas getaway' bill perfectly with its…

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By Guest blogger
On: 27th November, 2019

Paths Less Travelled: 2020’s Secret Scenes

  • Denmark
  • Uzbekistan
  • Albania
  • Greece

We agree - it is becoming increasingly difficult these days to not be a travel sheep. When we hear friends bleating about amazing places we naturally want to follow their lead and visit too. However, with the growing problem of 'overtourism' and the destruction of some of the world's most…


By Emily
On: 22nd November, 2019

Born To Run - Where to Run Around the World

  • USA
  • Tanzania
  • Kenya
  • Australia
  • Italy
  • Singapore
  • Myanmar (Burma)

The idea of going for a run on holiday might sound like your idea of a living nightmare, but hear us out. Running can be the perfect way to explore a new place while gaining a totally new perspective of your surroundings. Getting up bright and early and heading out for a run can give you the…

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By Guest blogger
On: 13th November, 2019

Moroc-go! Off the Beaten Track Highlights of Southern Morocco

  • Morocco

A holiday to Morocco brings to mind reams of exotic images… browsing colourful souqs in the bustling streets of Marrakech, rejuvenating yourself at a Hammam spa, and tucking into a tasty tagine for tea. However, sometimes the most beautiful, romantic spots are found when you head off the…


By Claire
On: 11th November, 2019

'Hot 'N' Cold' - Last Minute Winter Breaks

  • Oman
  • Iceland
  • California
  • Swedish Lapland
  • New Zealand

Words rarely fail us here at Original Travel. However, sometimes the best descriptions come from the great lyricists of our time - namely, Diana Ross, ABBA and…err…OutKast? Whether you want to chill out or turn up the heat, here are some of our favourite destinations for a winter break, and…

By Claire
On: 28th October, 2019

Take Note! Our Favourite Places to Hear Live Music

  • Spain
  • Morocco
  • Brazil
  • Georgia
  • India

Shakespeare famously wrote 'if music be the food of love, play on'. This particular phrase opens 'Twelfth Night', with Orsino musing that an excess of music might cure his love obsession in the same way eating too much food cures one's hunger. Well, Shakespeare might have been on to…

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By Arran
On: 18th October, 2019

Savouring the Greek Islands

Greece is home to over six thousand islands so how on earth do you choose just one? If you have some time on your hands, indulge in an island-hopping adventure to see a selection. But which ones? And in what order? I like to think of my Greek Island getaway as a delicious meal with many…