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The bushmen of the Kalahari have existed for 20,000 years, seamlessly navigating the unique ecosystem that exists here, passing along survival techniques and traditions for generations to come. While many think of a safari holiday as purely being about the game, there is so much more to discover and appreciate in the African bush, namely the culture and traditions of these local tribes.

Any time you spend learning about the bushmen's unique way of life will be some of the most fascinating and rewarding of your trip. We are careful to only work with camps that offer a sensitive, dignified and authentic bushmen safari experience. Safari-goers have the option of spending anything from half a day visiting a bushmen village to four days on a mobile tented safari for a truly detailed insight. From meeting village elders to walking with bushmen trackers and observing children learn vital hunting techniques there's so much to see and do.

We can also arrange guests to accompany Ralph Bousfield (founder of Jack's Camp, San Camp and Camp Kalahari and all round safari expert extraordinaire) on an authentic bushmen hunt where you will be able to observe their rituals and traditions. Hunting is an essential social and spiritual enterprise where the tribe work together to bring down prey and share in the reward equally.

Another fascinating aspect to bushmen culture is the ancient rock paintings that can be found in the Tsodilo Hills. Featuring finger drawings of wild animals and human figures, visitors will learn about their spiritual significance and the mythology that surrounds them while on a guided walk of the hills.

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