Russia at a glance

In Moscow, see Red Square fringed by the Kremlin and the incredible St. Basil's Cathedral, visit Lenin's Mausoleum, be blown away by the sheer beauty of the Pushkin Museum, sunbathe with the Muscovites in Gorki Park, and in the evening, have a drink at the 'Second Breath', traditional bar, or at the 'Lush bar', one of the city's hip haunts. In the Golden Ring of Russia, explore ancient and historic cities that are designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with their churches and cathedrals, convents, monasteries and museums. Take a trip to St. Petersburg, worthy of a trip in its own right: the Neva palaces, the Hermitage Museum, the famous Nevski shopping street, one journey... or several, as Moscow takes on a completely different appearance when blanketed in snow and when the Neva is frozen.
Take a journey to Siberia, a place of extremes, discover the beauty of the landscapes of the Altai Mountains, the shores of Lake Baikal, the steppes, the ovoos and the practices of the shamans of Touva, all with the help of our Russia travel guide. Go on a nomadic journey, taking the Trans-Siberian Express, along all or part of its route, to Mongolia and Beijing.
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