Things to do in Moscow

The Bolshoi Ballet

Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre dates back to 1776 but was first opened to the public in 1856, and since then has become known as a symbol of Russia thanks to the huge contribution it has made to the history of the Russian performing arts. The Bolshoi Ballet Company is internationally renowned and is one of the oldest ballet companies in the world, as well as one of the largest.

Tour the Moscow Metro

The Moscow metro system is one of the most beautiful subway systems in the world. Some of the most spectacular stations that were built under Stalin include Komsomolskaya, Revolution Square and Novoslobodskaya, known for its stained glass windows. Tour these stations and more with a guide who can share stories and secrets of this underground system, which was built to be a palace for the people to enjoy.

Visit Stalin's Bunker

For anyone remotely interested in Soviet history, a visit to Stalin's Bunker, which is now a museum, is a must. The bunker was constructed as part of the State Defence Programme of the USSR and so was highly secretive, with a sports stadium built above to act as a cover. It was also connected to the Kremlin (Stalin's official residence at the time) by an underground passage.


Things to do in St Petersburg

Visit The Hermitage Museum

The Heritage Museum is home to over three million works of art and cultural artefacts spread across around 400 rooms, and we can organise a tour with the curator so you don't miss any of the highlights. The museum was founded in 1764 and the majority of the collection is found in the Winter Palace, once the residence of the Romanov Tsars and a spectacular building in its own right.

Pushkin & Peterhof Palaces

Head to the town of Pushkin, just 15 miles outside of St Petersburg to visit Catherine Palace, which was commissioned by Peter the Great for his wife Catherine in 1717, and was once the summer residence of the Tsars. On the outskirts of the city, visit Peterhof Palace, also commissioned by Peter the Great and referred to as the 'Russian Versailles' because Versailles provided the inspiration for the palace.

Catch a Show or Ballet at Mariinsky Theatre

Take in a show at the Mariinsky Theatre, home to the iconic Mariinsky Ballet, Opera and Orchestra, with the opera and ballet companies regarded as among the finest in Russia. The theatre as it is today opened in 1860, the previous wooden structure having burnt down in 1859, and was named after Alexander II's wife, Empress Maria Alexandrovna.

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