Dramatic, vast and diverse, Namibia is full of intriguing contrasts. And much like the country itself, accommodation in Namibia is both exceptional and varied. From the stunning dunes of the Namib Desert to the wildlife-rich plains of Etosha National Park, this spectacular destination promises a bucket list break. And whether you stay in grand lodges and historic hotels, or nature-orientated camps and personal guest farms, you’ll have the chance to experience the country’s distinctive character. Read on to find out about accommodation in Namibia and discover the perfect place to call home during your holiday.

Where to Stay and What to Expect

Accommodation in Namibia invites visitors to fully immerse themselves in the country’s diverse landscapes and experiences. The many national parks present a wide variety of wildlife in a kaleidoscope of environments: dazzling white saltpans in Etosha National Park; towering red dunes at Sossusvlei; isolated Skeleton Coast beaches; and the uninhabited wilderness of the Kunene Region. Namibia’s charming capital, Windhoek, is located in the central highlands between the Kalahari and the Great Escarpment. The city is an ideal base for the first few days of your trip or at the end before you depart, and visitors can choose from myriad accommodation options. In recent years, several ultraluxe lodges have opened across the country, attracting travellers from all over the world. An increasing number of accommodations are also minimum impact, employing people from local communities and supporting conversation efforts, so guests can enjoy an authentic African adventure that is also responsible. Community-based tourism in Namibia, especially through the country’s progressive conservancy system, is another area visitors can explore.

Camps: Your Front-Row Seat to Namibia’s Incredible Nature

Camping is one of the best ways to experience Namibia’s spectacular scenery, accompanied by the sounds of the bush and some magical sunsets. And to add to the magic, camping here can be downright luxurious. Tents range from private, peaceful Meru- or Serengeti-style canvases, to luxury thatches. Wake up to one of the best sunrises you'll ever witness, before heading for a hot shower and a hearty breakfast. Luxury safari camps such as Mowani in Damaraland and Mushara Outpost in Etosha offer exceptionally comfortable accommodation, delicious meals, and game drives or nature walks led by experienced guides.

Luxury Lodges: An Unparalleled African Dream

Namibia’s lodge scene has grown substantially over the last 20 years, especially at the luxury end of the market. From private plunge pools and rooftop terraces to top-notch dining and cultural encounters, luxury lodges offer a level of indulgence and adventure that’s unparalleled. Although lodges inside the national parks are almost exclusively run by Namibia Wildlife Resorts, there are many private ones bordering the parks. In addition, visitors will find several remote properties – often reached by charter flight – where the isolation and spectacular scenery are the prime attractions. Wolwedans is a notable provider of luxury establishments in far-flung and utterly stunning locations, including a super-slick private lodge deep in the Namib Desert, that’s designed for just one couple or a small family. Whether it’s the breath-taking dunes of Sossusvlei, the wildlife-filled plains of Etosha National Park or the remote and rugged Skeleton Coast, Namibian lodges provide an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Hotels and Guesthouses: Carefully Curated Comfort

In a land where you can go for days without seeing a soul, you might be surprised by the range of hotels and guesthouses on offer in Namibia. As a contrast to the rugged, desolate beauty of the country, our curated hotels offer world-class suites, attentive service and access to some of the most intriguing landscapes and wildlife in all of Africa. Stay in contemporary accommodation in a tranquil corner of Namibia’s capital, overlooking olive groves with mountain views. Or opt for coastal colonial Swakopmund, sandwiched between the Atlantic and Namib. More common than hotels – even in Windhoek – are family-run guesthouses and B&Bs, both of which are also sprinkled around the smaller towns in Namibia. Often quirkily stylish, the rooms are as comfortable as they are visually pleasing, with plush mattresses, fine linen and lovely verandas. To make the most of the sunshine, many feature verdant gardens and refreshing pools.

Farm Stays: Authentic and Activity-Filled

Guest farms are large working farms that look to supplement their income through tourism. They often combine the family-style hospitality of a guesthouse, which includes communal dining with the hosts, with the advantage of being surrounded by nature. And in a country as stunning as Namibia, that’s one heck of an advantage. Many farms offer hiking trails around the property, while some are on reserves that are home to large mammals and are also involved in conservation work. Popular activities provided by guest farms include farm tours, stargazing, sundowner excursions and horse riding.

Or Go Your Own Way and Mix it Up

Self-drive adventures and flying safaris are great ways to discover Namibia. And there are plenty of excellent hotels, guesthouses and camp sites in the main areas that you’ll visit. Start your trip by staying in an historic hotel in Swakopmund, and end it at an exquisite lodge on a private wildlife reserve – the perfect spot to stop and flop after your tour of the country. For the ultimate adventure, consider a road trip from Windhoek to the awe-inspiring Fish River Canyon. Drive along the base of the Naukluft Mountains, through sand dunes and dust bowls, staying in bucolic bungalows and luxury lodges, before marvelling at the world’s second largest canyon. Our expert travel consultants can help you plan your dream self-drive or flying safari holiday, with carefully curated accommodation and attractions along the way.


Whether you’re looking for simple or opulent accommodation in Namibia, we can suggest stays that range from luxury properties and family-run guesthouses to perfectly placed camps and historic hotels. We’ll work with you to create a tailor-made holiday, starting with lodgings you’ll love.

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