Japan Visa Requirements

British citizens, or those who hold a British National (overseas) passport, do not need a visa if visiting Japan for 90 days or fewer. Upon arrival into Japan, it’s fairly common to be asked to show evidence of your return or onward journey from Japan. For those with a different type of British nationality, or anyone wishing to enter Japan for other reasons, for example a long-term stay, to study, settle or for employment, you should contact a Japanese Embassy or Consulate. You must also seek more information if you have doubts about your eligibility to enter Japan (including a criminal or arrest record), or for any further visa enquiries. You will not be able to purchase a visa when you’re in Japan so you must do so before you travel.

Passport Validity for Japan Travel

Your passport should be valid for the entirety of your stay in Japan.

For further information, please contact the embassy.

Other Important Formalities

Japan has very strict anti-stimulant drugs laws, meaning some over-the-counter and prescription medications in the UK are prohibited. Banned substances include cold and flu medication containing Pseudoephedrine, Vicks inhalers, allergy medication, medication for sinus problems and certain over-the-counter painkillers that contain codeine. Foreign nationals caught with these items may be (and have been in the past) detained and deported – ignorance may not be considered a defence.

Before you travel, you should check with the Japanese Embassy or Consulate whether your medication is restricted. Those intending to bring permitted prescription medication will be allowed to bring up to a month’s supply, although will need to present a copy of the prescription and a letter from a GP stating the health reason for said medication. The NHS Choices and the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) websites both provide further information on this and should be checked before travelling with medication to Japan.

For more information about bringing medication for personal use into Japan, visit the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website.

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