Hidden away in the South Pacific, the Fijian archipelago still feels a little bit undiscovered (perhaps in part because it’s on the other side of the world). The collection of 333 islands (a third of which are inhabited) combine laid-back island life, underwater exploration and a distinctive culture. Your best bet is including all three aspects in your itinerary, so you can get to know every side of this incredible and unspoiled destination. Here are some things to do in Fiji to get you started on that holiday wish list…


Visit a Traditional Fijian Village

Fijians are incredibly friendly and warm towards travellers and one of the best ways to witness this hearty Bula (the country’s ubiquitous greeting) welcome is by heading to a traditional village in the countryside. A village visit will usually involve a kava ceremony, a ritual whereby villagers and visitors take turns drinking the powdered root mixed with water from a coconut shell, known as a bilo. You may also get to see a meke (ceremonial dance) and enjoy some food cooked in a lovo (an underground oven, covered with banana leaves). Make sure to bring a sevusevu (gift) of yoqona (kava) root to present to the village chief upon arrival and remember the word Vinaka, which means ‘thank you’.

Dine Like a Local

We’re firm believers that food is an excellent gateway into a culture, and Fijian cuisine is no exception. Seafood is king when it comes to dishes here, often served in lolo (coconut cream) and alongside starchy staples, such as tavioka (cassava) and dalo (taro) roots. Fiji’s food markets are teeming with tropical fruits and fresh veg; also worth exploring if you’re after a refreshment in the form of fresh pineapple juice.

Snorkelling and Diving

Fiji’s waters are frequently found on lists of the best dive destinations in the world. And while this may sound like a lofty claim, the abundance of soft coral (it’s recognised as ‘the soft coral capital of the world’) and rainbow-hued tropical fish suggest otherwise. Visibility is second-to-none and the seas are warm, so you can comfortably share the ocean with reef sharks, dolphins, manta rays and turtles. If you’re not quite ready to don a dive mask, strap on a snorkel instead and take to the shallows to see all manner of marine creatures.

Island Hopping

Pack as much as possible into your Fiji holiday by island hopping along the archipelago. The Mamanucas and Yasawa Islands extend in an arc off the coast of Viti Levu, with regular boat and sailing trips running between them. Each one boasts its own idyllic bone-white beaches for sunbathing, lush hilltops for hiking across and traditional villages where local life flourishes.

Hike or Trek the Islands’ Interiors

While Fiji’s beaches and ocean tend to dominate the conversation, the islands’ interiors offer ample opportunities for hikers, birdwatchers and nature lovers. You’ll find hiking paths criss-crossing the hills and mountains of Taveuni and Viti Levu, culminating in spectacular summit views across the surrounding ocean, while Kadavu is a lesser-known paradise with trails through lush rainforest.

Learn About Fiji’s History

Located in Fiji’s capital – Suva – on Viti Levu, the Fiji Museum contains exhibits showcasing the country’s historical and cultural evolution. The museum continually undertakes archaeological research, so its displays are always evolving and it’s a great place to delve into the country’s distinctive traditions and rich past. The museum is set within Thurston Gardens, Suva’s elegant botanical gardens, so a visit can combine history and horticulture.

Visit Kula Eco Park

Another one for the nature lovers, Kula Eco Park is set among rambling forested grounds and home to the country’s largest collection of native wildlife. Self-guided boardwalks meander through the park and if you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the Fijian flying fox, Fiji’s only native land mammal.

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