Fiji at a glance

Numerologists will appreciate our Fiji travel guide. 333 represents the number of Fiji’s islands, with only a third of those inhabited. With such a picture perfect setting, it’s difficult to imagine that such a paradise was the domain of the cannibals for 2500 years! The most gargantuan of them, chief Udre Udre, who lived on Viti Levu, ate as many as 999 of his countrymen, according to the Guinness World Records. Fortunately today there is no risk of ending up on the menu, and our travel guide to Fiji takes you peacefully from island to island where can enjoy some serious R&R but also some thrilling activities such as diving with tiger sharks and bull sharks; witnessing a festival of fire walkers in the capital Suva, or surfing the left-hand Mamanuca break (pro surfers only need apply, but there are many other easier breaks).
Further into the hinterland of Viti Levu (the largest island), enjoy a mildly narcotic drink in a traditional village kava ceremony in Navala, or hike beautiful trails, admiring orchids and colorful birds deep in forests. Inland it’s as if you are bathing in shades of green, but back out to sea you can literally be bathing in blues of all hues. Below the surface, admire the psychedelic colours of the healthy corals, or spot manta rays even on a snorkel trip as you drift along in the current.
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