Northern Norway at it's Best

Northern Norway at it's Best

It's the best time to go to Northern Norway in 25 years, or so says our expert Europe team. Here, we reveal just what makes the chilly region so cool (get it?)...


A Norwegian suntan?

People often imagine a trip to the Arctic means being freezing from the moment they land to the moment they step back on to the plane, but visiting this area in February or March could dispel these ideas immediately. The days are sunny and bright and some people even come back with a tan! Located on a fjord, Alta is a small town with fantastic views and some great hotels. The locals often dress in traditional dress and plenty of fur and are always be happy to stop for a chat and to tell you about life where it never gets dark in the summer and in the winter the sun barely comes above the horizon.


Local insight

If you want to hear and learn more about the Arctic way of life, try a snowshoe and ice fishing trip with a guide who can teach you how to fish for your dinner; or you can spend the day with a reindeer herder - all completely fascinating and a real insight into another reality.