Four Bucket-List Experiences in Zimbabwe

Four Bucket-List Experiences in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is fit to burst with astounding attractions. So many, in fact, UNESCO has recognised five of them as World Heritage sites. With enough excitement to fill a lifetime, how do you pack it all into a finite fling to the country? Fortunately, our team of experts have the inside scoop. From travelling on a train through Hwange National Park to walking with zebras, our list of bucket-list experiences in Zimbabwe leaves no sun-baked stone unturned. Read on to discover how you can make the most of this colourful corner of Africa.


  1. Marvel at Victoria Falls
  2. Ride the Elephant Express
  3. Walking safari in Mana Pools
  4. Taste a slice of Africa



Marvel at Victoria Falls

As the proud home of Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Zimbabwe has full bragging rights when it comes to bucket-list experiences. With a nickname like ‘The Smoke That Thunders’, it’s no surprise that one million visitors flock to the falls every year to witness the billowing clouds of mist (visible from as far as 30 miles away). Not only are the falls a visual feat, but there are a whole host of adrenaline-filled activities on offer: soar above the wall of water from the safety of a helicopter; take on white-water rafting with an expert guide; or, for something a little tamer, hop on a horse and explore along the riverbank trails. And finally, to turn friends and family green with envy, snap a selfie at Devil Pool’s dramatic drop.



Ride the Elephant Express

It’s true – elephants never forget. But take a ride on Zimbabwe's unforgettable Elephant Express and it’ll feel like you're the one with perfect memory. Combining a camp transfer with a game drive, this diesel-fuelled tram chugs its way through Hwange National Park from Dete to Bomani and Camelthorn Camp. Passengers (only 22 in total) are treated to three hours of spellbinding savannah views – encounter lions slouched across the tracks, witness elephants emerging from forests and spot pairs of red-billed hornbills (that’s Zazu, for fans of The Lion King). With a breeze wafting in through the open sides, a cold meat skewer in one hand and a gin and tonic in the other, a journey on board the Elephant Express stands out as one of the best bucket-list experiences in Zimbabwe.



Walking safari in Mana Pools

Lace up your boots and put sole to sand for our third bucket-list experience: a walking safari through Mana Pools National Park. Away from the comfort of a vehicle, senses awaken and the bush is given a new lease of life. Think close (and safe) encounters with Mana Pools’ wildlife (think elephants, baboons, buffalo and zebras) which are typically unphased by humans’ presence after over 60 years of daily drifters. Some of the park’s guides even know individual animals well enough to approach them, allowing for unrivalled photo opportunities.



Taste a slice of Africa

We’re big believers that to truly experience a country’s culture, you need to taste it. In other words, eating your way through Zimbabwe’s sizzling culinary scene should be up there on your bucket list. Like most African countries, Zimbabwe’s cuisine is characterised by flavourful spices that give a kick to dishes like nyama (beef stew) and gango (a one-pot chicken wonder). But there’s one curious creation that must be seen (and eaten) to be believed: the mopane worm. Considered a delicacy in Zimbabwe, these wriggly wonders are dried and eaten as crunchy crisps or cooked and drenched in a peanut butter sauce. Packed full of nutrition, munching on a mopane worm is a weird and wonderfully healthy addition to our list of bucket-list experiences in Zimbabwe.


Written by Evie Buller | Header Image by Eric Schmiedl/edan/Fotolia