Autumn, when the summer’s sun gives way to cosy evenings spent indoors, is the month of change. Visit the USA to experience the iconic autumnal changing of the leaves; head to Europe for festivals and harvests galore; or enjoy a beach holiday in the Indian Ocean. No matter where you decide to go in autumn, you’ll still have plenty of options for outdoorsy adventure to look forward to, as well as some delicious seasonal produce and a wealth of beautiful landscapes.


September in Canada is whole forests of maples turning flaming red and grizzly bears feasting on salmon from fast-flowing rivers. In Greece, the crowds retreat and it’s easy to find a seat on sun-dappled terraces to relax and drink crisp white wine. The Mediterranean is adorned with all tones of turquoise and below the ceaseless sun, waves lap whitewashed fishing villages. The dry season is ending in Namibia, when animals gather in their hundreds - much to the delight of photographers and wildlife enthusiasts – and conditions are mild, with sunny days and chilly nights. Wherever you decide to disappear to for a few blissful days or weeks, a September holiday is a delicious prospect full of promise. So here are our top picks for where to go in September.

Where to go in September


You have to hurry in Uzbekistan when October arrives – the icy grip of winter is ready and waiting for November, so now is the ideal opportunity to wring out the last of the sun’s powerful heat. Temperatures stay at a reasonable average of 15°C; the cotton harvest is in full swing; markets burst with towers of fresh grapes, melons, pomegranates and lemons; and the sun ignites the beautiful jade domes of Khiva. In Nepal, visibility is excellent and the views are spectacular. For the challenge of a lifetime, trek the Annapurna Circuit and walk through some of the world’s tallest mountains that will leave you utterly mind-blown. Meanwhile, in the Serengeti, October welcomes one of the most wondrous events in the natural calendar as over two million wildebeest migrate here. Watch in awe as thousands cross the Mara River dodging hungry crocodiles – it’s an edge-of-your-seat experience. In New Zealand, it’s springtime and the national parks blossom in a magnificent flourish of flowers and greenery. Here are all our travel ideas for where to go in October.

Where to go in October


November is a beautiful time to gallivant around Chile. Patagonia has finally gotten the memo from the rest of the country and spring blooms into full force, just before summer hits at the end of the month. Now is the time for long walks in national parks, stalking the country’s elusive birds and beasts and frolicking among pretty-as-a-picture patches of wildflowers. In Guatemala, All Saints Day and Day of the Dead fall on November 1st and 2nd every year – a colourful celebration honouring the nation’s deceased. Wander through cemeteries adorned with colourful flowers and past painted mausoleums while marimba bands play music to remember lost ones. It’s the dry season in Cambodia and you can visit Angkor Wat without an umbrella and with fewer crowds than in December. It’s also rain-free in Ethiopia, where you can stand in awe facing the monolithic churches of Lalibela. Where will a November holiday take you? Here are our recommendations for where to go in November.

Where to go in November