From winter wonderlands across Europe and meeting Father Christmas in northern Scandinavia, to tropical, sunshine-filled getaways in the Southern Hemisphere to escape the cold, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding where to go in the winter. Egypt, Sri Lanka and the Maldives are ripe for exploring (without the sticky heat of summer); as are Tanzania, Oman and Mexico for a beautiful balance of relaxation, winter sun and enjoying the great outdoors.


It's December and the middle of summer in Argentina's cool capital, Buenos Aires where the air is abuzz with the sweet melody of the bandoneon. For those who prefer salsa to tango, Cuba is the perfect alternative. Sashay in packed bars and embark on a different kind of Latina whirlwind. In Kenya, scratch your head over which activity to enjoy first...perhaps yoga on the waterfront of the peaceful Swahili town of Lamu, or getting up close and personal with the lions of the Masai Mara, or maybe even trekking the mountainous peaks of Aberdare National Park. With Christmas on the horizon, opt for a festive getaway. Head to Palestine’s Bethlehem, a place of mythical proportion, or head to Lapland for a magical snowy land full of elves, reindeer and, of course, Santa himself. Here are our top ideas for where to go in December.

Where to go in December


Christmas over? Feeling the January blues? It’s still freezing but the warmth and fuzz of the festive season has been packed away for another year and all that’s left is a squashier stomach and a dwindling bank balance. You could spend a month quitting drinking, quitting sugar, quitting late nights. Hell, quitting fun. Or you could blow most of your annual leave from day one on an epic far-flung adventure. How does a sailing trip around Burma’s off-grid islands sound? Diving into the clear water every morning, chowing down on superb curries and stopping by remote islands each day. Thailand’s also looking good – you could even book a digital detox or a wellness retreat to sort out that paunch. Cuba’s basking in gorgeous sunshine, and in Africa, wildlife spectacles will guarantee the safari trip of a lifetime. Here, we reveal where to go in January.

Where to go in January


Let’s face it – February can be a bit meh. It’s cold, it’s dark and we’re all just waiting for spring to emerge. Where to go in February? Head to the greatest show on earth…to Rio and its carnival. Hedonism doesn’t even come close to this bamboozling party. Everyone goes nuts from caipirinha-swigging punters to decadently-dressed dancers, swinging their hips as if their life depends on it. And if you haven’t been to Rio yet, well you’re missing out on of the world’s greatest cities. Asia’s looking mighty fine too, from the sands and cities of Thailand to the serene waterways of Kerala. Oman is worth checking out - a low-key, but-no-less compelling alternative to its Middle Eastern counterparts. And if you’re looking to eat, sleep, rave, repeat, head on over to the Dominican Republic which revels in sun and rum during its month-long carnival.

Where to go in February