Whether you’re after lazy days exploring the Mediterranean with its guaranteed sunshine; want to experience the endless days of Scandinavia with its midnight sun; or enjoy the cooler months of Australia, when it comes to choosing where to go in summer, there are a wealth of options to suit every traveller. Make the most of the good weather in the Northern Hemisphere with a trip to Northern Europe, or venture further afield and experience the diverse landscapes of the USA and Canada. Summer is also the off-season for some destinations in the Caribbean and Asia (due to the risk of monsoons or hurricanes) but time it right, and you just might find the perfect balance of good value for money, fewer tourists and decent weather.


It’s June and summer’s in full swing – time to let out a collective cheer. It’s an alluring time to hang out in the UK when pub gardens hum until late and brighter evenings urge Aperol-drinking and outdoor cinema pop-ups. Meanwhile, night owls will relish a trip to Iceland while it's in the throes of the midnight sun - the perfect time for searching out Nordic-inspired menus and roving around design-conscious Reykjavik. Escape to Botswana for some of the best wildlife spotting opportunities you’ll find all year in the Okavango Delta. Or for something entirely different, Peru celebrates the Inca Festival of the Sun (the winter solstice in the summer hemisphere) at the end of the month. Here, we reveal where to go in June.

Where to go in June


It’s the height of summer and much of the Northern Hemisphere is drenched in golden sunshine. Watch the sun set over the Santorini skyline, explore ancient ruins in Croatia, find your own pocket of peace in New Zealand or dance to the unstoppable beats that float in the cities of Mexico. July is well and truly a glorious time to pack your bags and head off on an adventure. Whisk yourself away to Australia to hike the outback; take a car and venture into the lush, green landscapes of Bali; stalk a pride of lions in Namibia; or kick back on the beaches of Florida – your options for an unforgettable July holiday are never-ending. Here are our top picks for where to go in July.

Where to go in July


It’s time for a last-ditch effort to squeeze every last ounce of sunshine out of the summer; August is here and Europe sizzles. In the heat, quench yourself with a dry white wine in Portugal or gulp an amber beer in Ireland – both are gorgeous green countries that love to laugh and swell with activity in August. In South Africa, temperatures in Cape Town dip to 12°C and peak at 20°C and, if you’re looking for something balmier, you can head to Kruger National Park which occasionally teases travellers with highs of 30°C in August, the ideal climate for days spent spotting wildlife. In Costa Rica, turtles begin their nesting season - an unforgettable sight (especially for mini adventurers) - or, why not a trip to the US? The world’s third-largest country covers six time zones and there’s always a state where the weather is fine, a pin-drop-quiet museum with fascinating artefacts to marvel at, a national park to stretch out your legs in and a small piece of American myth to capture your imagination. Here are our top picks for where to go in August.

Where to go in August