November is a beautiful time to gallivant around Chile. Patagonia has finally gotten the memo from the rest of the country and spring blooms into full force, just before summer hits at the end of the month. Now is the time for long walks in national parks, stalking the country’s elusive birds and beasts and frolicking among pretty-as-a-picture patches of wildflowers. In Guatemala, All Saints Day and Day of the Dead fall on November 1st and 2nd every year – a colourful celebration honouring the nation’s deceased. Wander through cemeteries adorned with colourful flowers and past painted mausoleums while marimba bands play music to remember lost ones. It’s the dry season in Cambodia and you can visit Angkor Wat without an umbrella and with fewer crowds than in December. It’s also rain-free in Ethiopia, where you can stand in awe facing the monolithic churches of Lalibela. Where will a November holiday take you? Here are our recommendations for where to go in November.



With the rainy season in the rear-view mirror, November has some of the best conditions to visit captivating Myanmar. An Asian jewel, the rainfall of previous months render the surrounding landscapes emerald green and lusher than ever, beckoning travellers to dive in for an adventure. The crowds haven’t yet descended and you can expect average highs of up to 31°C across most of the country. You'll discover that the skies are clear, beaches are peaceful and the ancient monuments around every corner are more magical than ever. Search out hidden Buddhist temples; watch hot air balloons float across the skyline in Taunggyi to mark the end of monsoon season; visit ancient pagodas and stupas in Bagan; climb Mandalay Hill to take in the incredible views; and experience the warm hospitality of the Burmese – it’s all possible with a November holiday to Myanmar.

New Zealand

November marks the end of spring in New Zealand and the return of the summer sun on the country’s two main islands. Peak season hits in December, so prices are good, crowds are minimal and the mercury hovers somewhere between the high twenties and low thirties all month. Comprising of a North Island, South Island and around 600 smaller islands (some inhabited but many not) it’s safe to say the New Zealand archipelago is truly blessed when it comes to nature. You'll find all manner of landscapes here: vast plains, soaring fjords, subtropical forests, incredible lakes, active volcanoes and atmospheric caves. Getting back to nature is part of the deal on a New Zealand holiday.


If there is such a thing as the perfect month to visit Argentina, it’s November. Spring is running riot on the landscape, the weather is perfect and there’s a sense of renewal following the hibernation of winter. Buenos Aires, a buzzing city at any time of year, is louder than ever. There is tango everywhere you turn, from grand halls to bustling side streets and there are events every other weekend, from pool parties to music festivals, outdoor cinema showings to glam polo contests. The natural wonders and charming towns of the country set the stage for incredible adventures: go horseback riding in Patagonia, feel the mist on your face as you view the astonishing Iguazu Falls, tour wineries in Mendoza or climb a mountain and feel the freedom of nature all around.


In India during November, the rainy season is a distant memory and in a period of celebration, this is a fine time to experience the country's pure magnetism. Every year, Diwali - otherwise known as the 'Festival of Light' - falls in either October or November and is one of the most significant events in the country’s calendar. Celebrating new beginnings and good prevailing over evil there is so much to take in: lights and flowers decorate all corners, fireworks light up the sky, oil lamps burn in the streets and rivers are lit with floating candles to create a truly intoxicating atmosphere. Visit Pushkar in Rajasthan for the world-famous Camel Fair, a spectacle of huge proportions attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors with its colourful carnival of decorated camels, as well as farmers, traders and villagers. With something to see and do every minute of the day, an India holiday is living life on the wild side.


When it comes to holidays in November, Brazil really brings its A game and the sheer scope for adventure here is overwhelming. The seemingly endless interior holds a mysteriously seductive power over many who arrive here and December brings with it the perfect conditions to indulge your curiosity; be wowed by the crown-like Cathedral of Brasília or put on your best explorer hat and touch down in the Pantanal, the world’s largest tropical wetland, a Unesco World Heritage Site, which believe it or not next to the Amazon, boasts the highest concentration of wildlife on the continent. Talking of the Amazon, it’s worthy of a holiday, nay lifetime, of discovery all of its own. Go fishing for piranhas, see a real jungle island paradise in Alter do Chão (trust us, it exists), swim with pink river dolphins, go paddle boarding on the Amazon River and feel the energy of the jungle canopy on a bridge walk high up in the treetops.