Holly in the mountains

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The lush northern regions of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are home to some of the best and most ethical elephant experiences in Thailand.

Visit a sanctuary where you'll have the opportunity to meet the resident elephants who have all been rescued from mistreatment. One of the volunteers from the sanctuary will show you around and explain the threats to the Thai elephant population and their natural habitat, to give you a better idea of the important work being done in the sanctuaries.

In most sanctuaries the elephants are allowed to roam completely free in the park, but they have also become accustomed to the daily feeding routines so are likely to be around for you to meet as you help the staff with feeding.

A highlight for many visitors is the chance to help the staff bathe the elephants, getting up close and personal with the beautiful, gentle creatures as you do so.

There is often also opportunity to join the mahouts and elephants on an extended trek in the surrounding area, passing through the beautiful terrain of jungles, rivers and mountains.

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Holly in the mountains

Splashing around with the elephants as we helped bathe them was probably one of the most memorable bits of my trip to Thailand.

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