A visit to the River Kwai in western Thailand is a must for anyone wishing to experience beautiful surroundings, raw history and tranquil moments. River Kwai holidays offer a unique opportunity to get a better understanding of the country's brutal history. Head west to Kanchanaburi and the River Kwai leading to the infamous Bridge on the River Kwai which was built by prisoners of war during World War Two to create a path through the hills where they were being held. The bridge is an incredible sight at almost 2,000ft long and 300ft high and serves as an important link between the northwest and northeast parts of the country.
Wander across the bridge before visiting the Thailand-Burma Railway Centre Museum to get a better understanding of the raw history behind the bridge and the so-called 'death railway' that it served. For a truly memorable River Kwai holiday, stay in a floating hotel to experience life on the River Kwai and enjoy the completely unique sense of sleeping in a floating room and stargazing from your floating terrace.

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River Kwai Guide

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