Sitting pretty between Eastern and Western Europe, Slovenia is a little country that has suffered a lot of trampling by just about every marauding empire coming or going, from the Romans to the Communists. In the end, though, Slovenian grit and patience won out, and the country finally gained autonomy from Yugoslavia in 1991. An independent Slovenia firmly announced its arrival on the scene by joining the Euro in 2007, which Slovenes - modestly, of course - point out was well ahead of any of its former Yugoslavian bedfellows.

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Our guide to holidays in Slovenia

Despite being younger than most of us at Original Travel, Slovenia has a lot to shout about: the Alps, the Med (well, a sliver of the Adriatic coast) and more beautiful lakes and forests than you can shake a stick at. Wooden jokes aside, Slovenia is poised to become one of Europe's hottest new destinations. As you can probably tell, we're excited.

Highlights include the bite-sized and near unpronounceable capital Ljubljana; the Julian and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps (particularly the Triglav National Park) with their beautiful lakes (including Lake Bled, among the prettiest in Europe), gorges and walking trails, and a coastline bordering Istria with a fascinating Venetian heritage. Speaking of Istria, Slovenia is itself a foodie destination of note, with some excellent wines to sample in Styria and beyond. Sold? You should be.

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