Best Hikes in Slovenia

Best Hikes in Slovenia

If you’re a fan of lacing up your hiking boots; packing a picnic and walking poles; and setting a course for the most scenic views, Slovenia is hard to beat. This mountainous, forested wonderland is a playground for anyone who loves to hike. And the many walking trails that cover the country offer an adventure for every ability whether you’re after a family-friendly walk or want to challenge yourself with some mountain climbing cardio. To help you plan where to pick up the trail, we’ve selected six of the best hikes in Slovenia, including unspoilt routes that still go under the radar.


Best Hike for Lake Views: Lovrenc Lakes

Most visitors head to Bled (one of the country’s best-known landmarks), but lake lovers are truly spoilt for choice in Slovenia. In the Pohorje Hills, you can take it steady on an easy, circular hike of the Lovrenc Lakes, 20 small lakes also known as ‘Lovrenc’s Pearls’. The lakes are nestled between the endless greenery of Slovenia’s largest high moor, with boardwalks and footbridges leading you between the glistening pools. During the summer, you might even spot white water lilies blooming in the blue water. Rogla, where the five-mile loop starts and ends, also has a treetop walk and observation tower which offer dazzling views of the local landscape – no drone needed.


Best Family Hike: Logar Valley Trail

A flat, well-marked path that’s suitable for little legs (or legs that have earned an easy day), the Logar Valley trail is four miles long and one of the best hikes in Slovenia for families. Whether walking the entire route to the Rinka waterfall (two to three hours one way) or sampling a shorter section, the valley is a vision of lush meadows, verdant trees and lofty peaks. The Logar Valley is at the heart of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, an hour-and-a-half drive from the capital Ljubljana, so families won’t need to spend too long in the car to enjoy the outdoors during a city break. The trail runs parallel to the road, with parking available at multiple points, so you can easily adapt the length of your walk to match everyone’s energy levels.


Best Hike for Wine Lovers: Brda

Often called ‘Slovenia’s Tuscany’, Brda simply means ‘hills’ – and when you look out over the gently rolling landscape, you can see why the region got both of its names. These hills are home to some of Slovenia’s best wine country, with grapes growing bountifully thanks to Brda’s climate, which blends the warmth of the Mediterranean with the fresh air of the Julian Alps. For a hike where gorgeous views meet award-winning viniculture, follow the routes that wind between vines, with sampling stops at cellar doors along the way (check ahead with local wineries for opening times). Beginning at Dobrovo Castle, there are eight trails to choose from; each named after the old Brda cherry varieties, which are another tasty treat the area is famous for.


Best Forest Hike: Rog Trail

The pristine Kočevsko region is more than 90% trees; a relatively untouched wilderness where the brown bear is king. The Rog trail runs for 40 miles through the Kočevski Rog forest, with the way signposted by bear-paw-shaped markers on the trees; a reminder that you’re in the land of the largest predator on the European continent. To complete the full loop would require a multi-day trek, but a shorter, out-and-back day hike is enough to fall under the spell of this wild and wondrous forest. As for the bears, they’re an elusive creature you’re unlikely to spot – but make sure you keep to the trail to be on the safe side.


Best Long-Distance Hike: Soča Trail

Many long-distance paths cross Slovenia’s borders, including routes that run through multiple European countries. While a month-long, multinational trek might not be on your list, ticking off a section of one of these trails should certainly satisfy your walking wanderlust. The Alpe Adria trail is more than 450-miles long; beginning beneath Austria’s highest mountain, Mount Grossglockner, it passes into Slovenia for 90 miles, before hopping the border to Italy, where it ends on the shores of the Adriatic near Trieste. The 16-mile Soča trail is part of the Slovenian leg of the Alpe Adria route and follows the spectacular Soča river; an emerald green beauty that’s considered one of the prettiest in Europe. It’s possible to hike the entire Soča trail in one day, but you could also take a more leisurely two days with an overnight stop to rest and recharge. It can be tricky to find accommodation for a single night during the peak summer season, so a stay under canvas on a local campsite could be in order.


Best Mountain Hike: Viševnik

If you want to summit a Slovenian mountain during your stay, Viševnik in the Julian Alps can be tackled in less than half a day. Locals know this is one of the best hikes in Slovenia if you want to see the sunrise, but whenever you make your way to the peak, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views as you hike along the grassy ridges. Starting at Polje Nordic Centre (half-an-hour’s drive from Bled), the out-and-back route is just over four miles, with an elevation gain of more than 2,000ft. Expect it to take three hours if you’re a confident hiker; longer if you spend extra time marvelling at the mountains around you, including neighbouring Triglav, which is Slovenia’s highest.