Stay in a Rorbuer Fishing Hut

One of the – many – fun things about visiting the Lofoten Islands is the chance to stay in a rorbuer – a traditional wooden fishing huts built right on the water’s edge.

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Key Stats

Best Time To Visit

May - Sep

Flight from London London

2:15 hrs

Time Difference

GMT +1 hr

The rorbuers typically consist of two-bedroomed mini apartments with a living area and kitchen. The beds are often twins (even in both rooms) but some do have doubles and/or bunk beds. The kitchen and living areas generally have an oven, hob and fridge etc and the better ones even have washing facilities, but on the whole it's important to note that in general the rorbuers tend to be quite basic - some are more antique in style and some distinctly Ikea. The good news is that having visited, we at Original Travel know which the best are in each of the villages along the archipelago.

In terms of service, the staff are friendly but not always on hand - for example, many of the rorbuers don't have receptions open 24 hours a day and you're left to your own devices. If you are in any doubt as to whether rorbuers are your sort of thing, best to give the European team a call and they can talk you through them in more detail.


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