Luxury Holidays in Finland: an Overview

Welcome to the country given such a merciless ribbing by Monty Python back in the 70s. Altogether now: 'Finland, Finland, Finland, the country where I quite want to be. Pony trekking or camping, or just watching TV.' Fairly damning satire, agreed, but amazingly enough there is other stuff to do besides watching the box or sleeping in a tent, and fortunately we at Original Travel know just where to do it.

This is a country dominated by lakes and trees. In fact Finland is home to an amazing 187,888 lakes, and what's not covered with water is pretty much all forest - 75% to be precise. That's a staggering proportion to grasp, especially for us Brits who inhabit a country with one of Europe's smallest woodland percentages.

In winter you can add in another factor - snow, and lots of it, and this guaranteed abundance of the white stuff is what primarily attracted us to this beautiful country. Finnish Lapland straddles the Arctic Circle, and as a result experiences fairly chilly winter temperatures and guaranteed snow. Not such an attractive prospect in principle, except when you add in some truly original places to stay (ice caves or glass-topped igloos, anyone?) and epic activities to be had in the forests of the north. Finnish Lapland is a superb place to enjoy Arctic holiday adventures from dog-sledding and snowmobile safaris to snow-shoeing and meeting the native Saami people, many of whom still live a nomadic life criss-crossing the northern borders of Norway, Sweden and Finland. Or you could just watch TV.

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santa making toys
If You Do Three Things
Meet Father Christmas

Across the Arctic Circle, deep in the Lapland Region, nestled in the village of Rovaniemi is the home of the famous Father Christmas (or 'Joulupukki' in Finnish). In a warm and cosy hut that smells of freshly baked gingerbread biscuit, a big, bearded Santa Claus welcomes all visitors, young or old, naughty or nice. Tell him all your Christmas wishes, sing carols and even pet a reindeer or two.

dog sled
If You Do Three Things
Dog Sledding

For a thrilling and exciting adventure to discover the breath-taking arctic scenery of Finland, a husky safari is a great choice. Quickly learn how to steer the loveable blue eyed dogs who are eagerly waiting to draw your sleigh into the wild landscapes of Lapland. Choose a day safari to discover the frozen landscape gleaming in the sun, or an overnight one to chase the otherworldly Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

reindeer safari
If You Do Three Things
Reindeer Safari

Immerse yourself in the great outdoors on an unforgettable reindeer safari - the oldest means of transport in the north - where a local reindeer herder will lead your sleigh in pursuit of the majestic Northern Lights. On route, discover and connect with the colourful culture of the indigenous Sami people, visit reindeer farms and enjoy the pristine white scenery of Lapland.

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A Note on Price

A family adventure to see Father Christmas in Finnish Lapland will cost from £2,625 per person, including accommodation in a chalet, meals, international flights, transfers and a private meeting with Father Christmas in his Lapland home.

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