Wilderness Holidays

There are times in life where we need a break from the frenetic pace of our modern-day lifestyles. We spend so much of our time plugged into our phones or laptops (or both at the same time) that we lose touch with the natural world around us. Wilderness holidays are the solution - the chance to reconnect with mother nature as you venture into the wild for a good old-fashioned adventure.

If you're dipping your toes into wilderness holidays for the first time, our travel-savvy experts can craft an itinerary with the perfect blend of comfort and excitement. In Zambia, set off on immersive walking safaris during the day and then, come night, unwind in a luxurious tented camp. Alternatively, head to the wilds of Canada's British Columbia region where you can combine wildlife watching - everything from bears to whales - with stays in cosy rustic lodges.

If you're after a more adventurous wilderness holiday (the type where there is absolutely no phone signal and a sturdy pair of walking boots are essential) we can recommend destinations - like Guyana - that fit the bill perfectly. This small South American country is bursting with beauty and filled with all manner of weird and wacky wildlife from giant river otters to the notoriously hard to spot jaguars. Trips like this require a great guide (we can pair you up with the best in the business) and a lot of travel expertise (that's where we come in) but they're absolutely worth it.

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