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Nature’s Marvels: Planet Earth III Filming Locations

Nature’s Marvels: Planet Earth III Filming Locations

The Planet Earth III filming locations transport us to some of the most captivating corners of the planet. These scenes, accompanied by David Attenborough’s warm words of wisdom, remind us that the natural world is a force to be reckoned with. Raging oceans, scorching deserts and fierce forests sustain the life of countless creatures and leave us wandering what life is like across the globe. But put your pondering on pause, as we’re here to help turn those thoughts into reality. Our trips offer adventures to the very locations that grace your screens each Sunday night. Whether you’re eager for a safari in Namibia, diving in Mexico or whale watching in South Africa, read on to discover where we can take you.



South Africa

Planet Earth III kicks off in South Africa’s Robberg Peninsula, where the coast sets the stage for the deadly dance between predator and prey. Thousands of Cape fur seals gather in clusters on rocky ledges, eyeing up the waves below. The dark waters act as both a playground for these skilled swimmers and a hiding spot for their most feared predator – the great white shark. If these tantalisingly tense scenes have you eager to visit South Africa, look no further. We can take you on an epic adventure to witness first-hand South Africa’s aquatic creatures – we’re talking the likes of a boat tour in Hermanus, the prime spot for whale watching. Southern right and humpback whales emerge from the ocean with surprising grace, almost as if posing for the camera. But that’s not all. You may even spot a wild chase between Cape fur seals and great white sharks, the very scene that brought you to the first of many Planet Earth III filming locations.




Mexico’s Sea of Cortez features in episode two which takes viewers on a journey through this wondrous underwater world. In this slice of the Pacific Ocean, mobula rays perform acrobatic displays in a bid to win each other’s attention. It makes for an absorbing watching experience, but there’s another pair of eyes lurking – ray-hunting orcas. If these scenes inspire you to dive into Mexico’s waters, we’ve got you covered. In Baja California, a few miles from the seaside city of La Paz, we can take you to islands like Espiritu Santo where a wealth of underwater species awaits. Armed with snorkelling gear and an underwater camera, you’ll meet fevers of mobula rays, colonies of sea lions and pods of dolphins. What are you waiting for?


Deserts and Grasslands


Time to step onto land for the third of the Planet Earth III filming locations. Under the scorching sun in Namibia’s ancient Namib Desert, slim necked ostriches welcome freshly hatched members of the family. If the backdrop of apricot-hued sand dunes left you itching to explore this vast landscape for yourself, we’re here to help. Our thrilling safaris through Namibia’s national parks are chances to get up-close and personal with some wonderful wildlife. From tracking cheetahs and leopards in Okonjima Nature Reserve, to seeing elephants and rhinos in Ongava Game Reserve, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped right into an episode of Planet Earth. After a day’s excitement, sundowner cocktails and candlelit dinners await at your luxury lodge, complemented by the soundtrack of the African night.


Fresh Water

Costa Rica

Episode four fills our screens with the lush and balmy Costa Rican rainforest. In the heart of these tropics, millions of raindrops and thousands of bright green gliding frogs fall from the dense canopy. Their descent marks the start of the largest and most important breeding event of its kind, lasting only a day. While a trip to the heart of Costa Rica’s rainforests may not guarantee sight of this spectacle, there are a whole host of wonders to be witnessed. How about a trek through Manuel Antonio National Park? The forest trails take you deep into the wilderness which is home to squirrel monkeys, sloths, racoons and more. Spend your evenings overlooking the misty canopy from the comfort of your hotel, where floor to ceiling windows capture these picturesque panoramas.


Written by Evie Buller