Undertourism in Europe

If overtourism is too many people crowding into the same places, undertourism is the exact opposite. It’s about venturing off the beaten track to those lesser-known but equally awesome destinations or finding creative ways to beat the crowds in the more popular spots. When it comes to undertourism in Europe, we know all the tips and tricks for crafting a truly authentic trip without a single selfie stick in sight.

There are two ways of approaching undertourism in Europe. The first is to change how you travel. Whether it's booking onto a private after-hours tour of a museum in Venice, travelling during shoulder season to hotspots like Santorini, or foregoing a busy restaurant in Rome for a tucked away family-run gem recommended by one of our clued up Concierges, it's possible to overcome the crowds with a dollop of planning, a pinch of imagination and a ladle full of expertise.

The second option is to change where you travel, sidestepping the most popular places in favour of the more under-the-radar destinations. If you've got a craving for winding streets and beautiful architecture, why not head to Lecce in Puglia instead of Venice? Or if you're in desperate need of some R&R on the coast, opt for Croatia's idyllic Istria region (picture pretty hilltop towns and seriously good seafood restaurants) instead of the busier Dalmatian Coast.

Wherever your undertourism travels take you, we'll arm you with a tailor-made itinerary packed with authentic experiences, book you into the finest luxury hotels and pair you up with the top guides for a truly memorable holiday.

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