Solo travel often means testing your limits and getting back to basics. Fortunately, Japan is well versed in both. Fusing modern life with ancient traditions, it champions innovation and change – adding another slick skyscraper to its hyperactive metropolises every few months – but never loses sight of the timeless traditions that shape its low-slung lantern-lit machiya (wooden townhouse) streets below. From the tiny, tangled alleyways of Tokyo’s sprawling suburbs to the ancient onsen (natural hot spring) towns of Kinosaki and Kurokawa, Japan is a connoisseur of contrasts. This is precisely what
makes it the perfect destination for a rich and varied trip. Every neighbourhood, city and region boast a completely new experience. Whether it’s scaling Yakushima’s magnificent granite mountains, diving alongside manta rays off Ishigaki Island, marvelling at Kyoto’s spellbinding cherry blossom displays, or sampling some of the country’s regional delicacies such as unagi (freshwater eels) and Takoyaki (grilled octopus), Japan solo travel promises every intrepid tourist ichigo ichie – a once in a lifetime experience.

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