Plan your Botswana Easter holidays and there’s no doubt you’re planning the highlight of your year. Home to more animals than men, this land-locked country in Africa is unmatched in the level of safari adventures on offer. A place where wildlife is king – elephants frolicking in rivers, prides of lions on the hunt, giraffes meandering the savannah and zebras stamping their hooves – it’s all just another day at the office in Botswana. Luxurious lodges and beautiful camps offer a front-row seat to the natural spectacle that’s all around; staying here is a truly immersive experience. Blending into the landscape is part of the fun:
you’ll stand like a statue, hardly breathing, as a hippo takes an afternoon dip; you’ll listen to the loud honks of flapping flamingos; and be exhilarated by wildebeests hurtling across the land. Conservation and low visitor numbers are key in Botswana, which makes a trip here all the more monumental. Either in private reserves or excellent national parks, you’ll experience a true immersion into nature and there’s a promise of excitement for every member of your group.

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