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As the birthplace of the legendary feminist artist Frida Kahlo, there is understandably a vibrant and creative artistic presence within Mexico City. The city is peppered with galleries and workshops, and new examples of street art appear almost daily.

No Art tour of Mexico City would be complete without a visit to the Palacio de Bellas Artes. This stunning building is the perfect example of the fusion of fine and contemporary art in the city, with the elegant neoclassical architecture housing an impressive collection of modern and colourful murals by Diego Rivera and Siqueiros, and hosting many touring exhibitions and theatrical performances.

The list of galleries in the city is nearly as exhaustive as the acronyms used to name them - OMR, MARSO, LABOR, MYL, ADA - with the Museum of Modern Art featuring high on the hit list for most visitors, for its collection of international contemporary pieces, along with permanent exhibitions featuring works by both Kahlo and Rivera. The suburb of Coyoacan is a must do on any art tour, to include a visit to Casa Azul, the birthplace and home of Frida Kahlo, which contains original works, as well as photographs and artefacts from her life. Continue on to Casa Estudio de Diego Rivera - the home of Diego and Frida - for the complete Kahlo-Rivera experience.

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There's a vast number of excellent art galleries in Mexico City which are not to be missed. Having said that, simply walking around the city is perfect for art lovers, as much of it has been used as a canvas for talented street artists.

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