Mexico at a glance

Which version of Mexico will feature in your trip? Our Mexico travel guide will hopefully help answer that question. Baja California and its magnificent landscapes, between the sea and the desert? The great canyons in the north? The Chiapas mountains? The pyramids of Yucatan? Why not visit the centre? Scale one of the big volcanoes? See vibrant, bustling Mexico city? How about Mexico's mythical and packed beaches in Cancun and Acapulco; Playa Paraiso in Tulum, on the Caribbean coast; Playa del Amor in Cabo San Lucas, on the Pacific Ocean; Hidden Beach on the Marieta Islands, or even on the west coast? Stroll around Mexico's colonial cities? Visit pre-Columbian, Toltec, Olmec and Mayan sites? Find out more about Mexico's vibrant indigenous cultures,
the Tarahumara in Chihuahua, the Totonac in Veracruz and the Tzotzil in San Cristóbal de las Casas? Explore Frida and Diego's Mexico, Frida Kahlo's 'blue house', Diego Rivera's murals? Wonder at Mexico's wildlife: watch the whales perform their mating rituals; listen to huge howler monkeys in the trees; admire the quetzal's resplendent plumage, and perhaps, if Quetzalcoatl is on your side, catch a glimpse of a jaguar? Before you go, plan your trip with our Mexico travel guide.
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