Tortuguero National Park is home to some of the world’s finest nesting sites for endangered green turtles. This nocturnal guided tour allows you the chance to see the females – who weigh around 300 lbs - haul themselves up the beach (the same one where they were born), dig a nest and lay their eggs before returning to the sea.

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Best Time To Visit

Jul - Sep

Flight from London London

10:30 hrs

Time Difference

GMT -6 hrs

Turtles tend to lay their eggs at night to avoid predators and avoid the sand being too hot, and to minimise disturbance your guide has a red light torch, to which the turtles are not sensitive. Using this light you can see the entire process, and marvel at one of the most wonderful sites in nature.


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The turtle nesting season is from July to September, which isn’t necessarily the prime time to be in Costa Rica, but seeing turtles laying their eggs in a well-protected National Park is an extremely heart-warming experience.

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There are no roads in Tortuguero, so access to Manatus involves a two-hour boat trip through the canals and waterways that criss-cross the park.

Tortuga Lodge

Tortuga Lodge

Tortuga Lodge sits on 50 acres of private land on Costa Rica's Northeast Caribbean coast.

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