Costa Rica Passport and Visa Requirements

British citizens do not need a visa to visit Costa Rica and you are permitted to stay as a visitor for up to 90 days under a tourist visa waiver. However, if you plan to work or stay for a longer period, then you will need to obtain the relevant visa for your circumstances. Exiting and entering the country multiple times is not an approved alternative to this and you should check the requirements with the Costa Rican authorities. Immigration authorities are strict about visitors who overstay, with fines of $100 per month and restrictions on return applied under local law in the event of this.

Passport Validity for Costa Rica Travel

Your passport should have at least one day’s validity from the date you are leaving Costa Rica. If you hold a passport other than British, different regulations may apply and you should check the Costa Rica passport and visa requirements with the relevant foreign office.

Other Important Formalities

A $29 departure tax is payable on international departures from Costa Rica, when leaving by air. This must be paid at the airport before checking in for your flight and can be paid in US dollars, Costa Rican Colón or by card. Most airlines now include this in ticket prices, however a few have still not, so it’s worth checking whether you need to pay this separately – our consultants will be able to advise.

Vaccination Information

While there is no risk of yellow fever in Costa Rica, there is a certificate requirement. Proof of vaccination against yellow fever is required for travellers aged nine months or over arriving from countries with risk of yellow fever transmission, with the addition of Tanzania and Zambia in the African region and the exception of Argentina and Panama in the Americas.

For further information regarding Costa Rica's passport and visa requirements, please check with the embassy.

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