Cahuita is a small coastal town in Costa Rica known for its beautiful beaches, rich culture and vibrant coral reefs. When it comes to Cahuita holidays, one of the main attractions is Cahuita National Park, which is home to a wondrous array of wildlife species — including capuchin monkeys, green iguanas and basilisk lizards — and various hiking trails that offer panoramic views of the sea and surrounding forest. Thanks to the clear waters, Cahuita holidays are also a popular destination for snorkellers, and there are over 500 species of fish to spot from French angelfish to blue parrotfish. Come evening,
experience the town’s vibrant musical and culinary traditions which are influenced by its large Afro-Caribbean community. Sip colourful cocktails in a bar, taste traditional dishes like rice and beans and dance the night away to the rhythm of reggae and calypso music.

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