Nestled deep in Costa Rica’s Guanacaste Province, you’ll find Palo Verde National Park, so-called for the bushy, amber-leafed Palo Verde trees that grow here. The park is famed for its diverse ecosystems, wealth of wildlife and widely recognised wetlands, which play host to all manner of flora and fauna. Palo Verde National Park offers visitors the chance to discover these distinct environments, both on foot or via its winding waterways. A number of hiking trails wind their way through the forest and along the river, each punctuated by lookout points that boast far-reaching views of the surrounding landscape.
Or if you fancy taking to the water, hop aboard a boat and drift along the Tempisque River, past the wetlands where birds, monkeys, iguanas and crocodiles reside. A popular destination for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers alike, Palo Verde National Park showcases the best of Costa Rica’s natural beauty and unique ecosystems.

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Palo Verde National Park Guide

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