Peninsula Papagayo sits quietly on Costa Rica's North Pacific coastline; a destination that prides itself on its enviable location (teeming with exotic flora and fauna), stunning coastal setting and a local residential community that embraces tourism.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • Peninsula Papagayo is very upmarket and exclusive
  • One of the best places for families on the Pacific coast
  • Peninsula Papagayo is Central America's first environmentally conscious luxury destination

The Detail on Tailor Made Trips to Peninsula Papagayo

Why go? The Peninsula Papagayo is an upmarket and exclusive corner of Costa Rica and is one of the best places for families on the Pacific coast. The bays are protected and, therefore, much calmer - ideal for swimming.

Peninsula Papagayo's inviting shores are just 30 minutes from Costa Rica's Liberia International Airport. Through years of volcanic activity and the effects of its seasonal climate, this jagged peninsula is formed to perfection, with the Bay of Culebra to the east and the Gulf of Papagayo to the west; 21 beaches and 15 miles of simply breathtaking coastline.

Often overshadowed by the larger peninsulas to the north and south, Santa Elena and Nicoya, Peninsula Papagayo was, until recently, Costa Rica's secret little gem. Only those who explored by boat, foot or horseback reached Papagayo's undisturbed paradise. Now the secret is out and a peppering of good hotels have set up camp here, making it a real contender for a luxury Costa Rican getaway.

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