Laikipia Walking Safaris

Laikipia is rugged, undulating, rocky, beautiful, wild and remote. The climate is perfect, high altitude makes it cool at night and warm during the day. Basically perfect walking country. Then there is the game. Elephant, giraffe, lion, African wild dog, leopard, cheetah, hyena, buffalo, zebra, warthog, hippo and all the quirky different antelope species. This is simply one of the best places in Africa to go on a walking safari.

There are a few operators offering walking safaris in north-west Laikipia using light-weight but comfortable mobile camps which is moved each day. The camps provide hot showers, long drop loos, a fully stocked bar and freshly cooked meals around the campfire. Tents are custom made with comfortable bedrolls and fresh linen allowing you to lie under the stars at night listening to the nocturnal sounds of the bush.

As well as the big game there are several unusual and some threatened species in this part of Kenya such as grevy's zebra, striped hyena, beisa oryx and aardwolf. The bird life in Laikipia is particularly good and there is a huge diversity of habitats from open plains, to riverines and cliff faces.

Generally a walking safari involves a steady walk for a couple of hours in the morning and the same in the afternoon. Others prefer to cover more ground and climb some of the rocky outcrops to get spectacular views. They set the pace after they have met the group and discussed with them how fit they are, where their interests lie and what suits them best.

A lovely way of incorporating a walking safari into your Kenya itinerary is to perhaps spend your first three nights at a permanent lodge exploring the area and enjoying the huge range of activities available before embarking on a walking safari for two or three nights. Alternatively, it is a great way of transferring from one lodge to another in Laikipia or even further north in the Matthews Range.

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