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Want to 'pimp' your Kenyan safari experience? Then there's no better way than with a helicopter ride across the savannah or, even better, to two of Kenya's most iconic mountains, Mt Kenya and Ol Lolokwe.

If you're feeling particularly flush or pushed for time, then Original Travel can also arrange a helicopter transfer between lodges or down to the coast, but a visit to Mt Kenya is particularly recommended. The peaks that remain are the lava plugs of the eroded volcano, and travelling by helicopter, you will land at one of the many spectacular lakes and tarns that cover the upper slopes. A delicious picnic breakfast is supplied and you can spend a few hours fly-fishing for rainbow trout from the lakeshore. To experience the mountain at its best, visits are scheduled in the early morning, so you will be on the mountain by 0730.

Even more adventurous is a flight to Ol Lolokwe, the sacred mountain of Northern Kenya's Samburu people. The mountain rises a virtually sheer 3,000 ft above the plains with a flat summit covered with giant cycads (the planets oldest plant species) lending the whole place a distinctly 'Lost World' feel but without the inconvenience of carnivorous dinosaurs. The helicopter collects clients from their lodge or camp before an exhilarating flight through the scenic landscapes of the vast Northern Frontier District, and then touches down on the summit of Ol Lolokwe. Enjoy a walk in the forest and a cool drink on the cliff edge, before flying back on a different route back to the lodge or camp, in time for lunch.

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The beautiful Ol Malo Lodge have their own helicopter on site, and so offer some incredible experiences to guests, from sundowners on granite outcrops, to breakfasts by flamingo pools, to a few days exploring Turkana in north west Kenya, staying in a Kikuyu-run camp.

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