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Botswana was the birthplace of riding safaris, with the perfect combination of terrains to tackle. Do you want to ride through savannah, desert, wetlands or salt pans? The choice is yours.

For those in search of huge herds of game and incredible scenery, the Okavango Delta - 'Jewel of Africa' - is unparalleled. Fed by the third-largest river in Southern Africa, water fans out across 9,400 square miles of the northern Kalahari, creating an astonishing labyrinth of forests, reedbeds, lagoons and flood-plains.

At its heart, protecting a quarter of this miraculous oasis, is the Moremi Game Reserve. Needless to say exploring the Reserve on horseback is fantastic, as it puts you on equal terms with the game so you can canter with herds of wildebeest and zebra or watch quietly as your horse grazes near a browsing family of giraffe. When not in the saddle, why not glide silently in a mokoro dugout canoe with a guide who can spot the terrapins basking on floating logs, or a fish eagle overhead.

At the other, parched, extreme lies the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, which make for some seriously fun and fast paced riding during the dry season from May to October. The Pans are also the place to look for shy brown hyenas or meerkat families, to see some of the largest baobab trees in the world, and for the chance to walk with the ancient nomadic Bushmen who have inhabited these extreme conditions since the Stone Age. A truly extraordinary experience.

The best way to enjoy a riding safari is to join a set departure trip, which can last from five to 14 days. There are several available and we can chat you through the various options. For the ultimate Botswana experience, why not combine riding in both the Makgadikgadi Pans and the Delta. Many of our riding safaris also cater to non-riding partners, as they can enjoy game drives and boating safaris during the day.

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Image of Isabel de Galleani